Overwhelmed by Lifestyle Change

Often, people new to dieting or working out, are prone to feeling overwhelmed during the first three to six months of a lifestyle change.  This perception is normal, as they fear change to be an all or nothing ordeal, with the finish line miles and miles out of sight.  Don’t let this misperception scare you into running to the kitchen freezer for the whole carton of ice cream to drown your sorrows, but realize that it is your intent and accumulated efforts over time that count.

You shouldn’t let this feeling of, ‘too much to conquer’, deter you from continuing on as best you can.  We all feel overwhelmed at times in our lives, it’s alright, it’s human.  But don’t use it as an excuse or reason to stop your healthier living plan, to jump off the wagon, and start eating bad or stop exercising altogether.

We all have hard days, that’s a part of life.  Sometimes we’ve just gotta do what we can do to get through the day, whatever that looks like.  Some days it’s hard to eat well, and some days it seems we just don’t have the willpower or energy to get through a workout.  That’s okay, if you slip a little, just continue onward on these days, and still do something good for you.  If that means getting up off the couch and standing to watch TV for 30 minutes, doing your workout with less intensity or cutting it in half, taking a nice stroll through the neighborhood, dancing in the shower, or calling an old friend, then make those adjustments.  Or perhaps you allow yourself a treat of a few cookies or a big piece of pie for an indulgent midday snack, go ahead and enjoy them, and then have a nourishing dinner that evening.

I think it is all in how you react to the difficult days that matters.  If you let them get to you and ruin  your whole psyche, then you may be tempted to slip back into your bad habits, letting those negative feelings define you.  Rather, choose to react to them with understanding and reason, so that you can realize they are just passing emotions we all go through.  Don’t justify their permanence by saying that it’s just too hard to change the way you live.

Next time you’re feeling low-energy, or agitated with anxiety, still try to do your best for that day.  So long as you’re doing something, you’re doing well.  Don’t throw in the towel and give up totally, for that will inevitably lead into the next day, the one after and so on.  Be ready for it to get difficult every now and then, because it will.  Devotion and commitment aren’t always smooth flowing, easy, or go as planned; but they are a good way of living a life of happiness.  As Napoleon Hill, the author of success, said, “Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit”.



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