Hit the Golf Ball Further


If you want to hit the golf ball further, you have to increase your club head speed.  One way to do this is to train and improve the reaction time of your fast twitch muscles.   Think of Pistol Pete and his fast draw, he’s got good fast twitch muscle reactivity at precisely the correct moment.  To maximize the club head speed, you also have increase your explosive force capability.  Whereas Pistol Pete has his gun for force, you have to supply yours.  Here are 5 helpful tips to achieve this explosive club head speed for longer golf shots:

1)  John Daly Drill:  Tee up 10 balls in a row, each about 5 inches apart.  Hit them all in succession as fast and hard as possible while still maintaining balance and form.  2 Sets.

2)  30 Minute Walks with 4 Sprints in the Middle:  Start walking slowly and gradually work into a brisk walk.  After 10 minutes of this warm up, start going into sprints, each separated by a couple minutes walking.  Pace your sprint speed according to allotted sprint time.  First sprint 1 minute, second sprint 30 seconds, third sprint 45 seconds, last sprint 20 seconds.  The two sprints that are 30 seconds or less, you should be running as fast as possible.

3)  Burpies:  This plyometric military drill is great for training the nervous system for sudden, explosive movement.  Stand–squat down to the ground putting hands palm down just in front of feet–thrust legs back until fully extended and toes on floor–quickly stand back up as you jump with arms reaching in the air (this is all done in one continuous movement without stopping).  Two sets of 8.

4)  Whipping Shaft Through Drill:  Turn club upside down, imag0375 and hold the club imag0374 head in hands.  Swing club from there, making the grip end swoosh as it comes through impact zone about 6 inches above the ground.  See how loud you can make this noise.  To simulate this sudden quick movement, think of the motion of wringing a towel, and using your wrist flick to make it extend and pop with a crack!

5)  Speed Jump Roping:  There is a reason boxers do this movement every day, and it’s not for weight loss, but for quickness baby.  Do it both forwards and backwards, using your forearm and hand strength to make that rope go as quickly as you can, while your feet learn to keep up.  3 sets of 1 minute.


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