1.  MISTAKE:  Scooping Under Ball

All inexperienced golfers incorrectly try to help get the golf ball into the air.  They attempt to get underneath the ball and put loft on their shot.  In doing so they keep their weight on their right foot at point of impact, leading to poorly struck shots.

REMEDY:  Hit Down on Ball

Trust the loft of the club to get your ball in the air.  Transfer your weight to your left side on the downswing, and hit down and through the ball.  Hitting down on the ball actually makes it go in the air, creating a solid, crisp shot that goes much further.


2.  MISTAKE:  Left Hand Grip Is Too Weak

Most beginner golfers put their left hand too far underneath the golf club rather than on top of it.  They incorrectly put the club across the palm of their left hand and then grip it.  In doing so they can only see about one knuckle of their left hand, and their left arm is soft and bent.

REMEDY:  Back of Left Hand Pointing Up

Start by putting the club across the fingers of left hand, and then wrap hand around to take grip.  Crank left elbow in toward belly button so that left arm is firm, rigid and straight.  With the back of the palm pointing more up toward the sky, you should be able to see two or three knuckles.

3.  MISTAKE:  Arms Take Club Back

Most people new to the game of golf solely use their arms to take the club back.  They snatch it back with their hands and become disconnected from the body immediately.

REMEDY:  Use Your Core to Take Club Back

Engage your stomach muscles at address by tightening/flexing them.  Start turning your belly before the arms move, letting the torso turn be the reason your club goes back.  Feel as though the belly button and the top end of the club are intertwined, club extending on up into the belly button.  Maintain this positioning with the hands staying in front of your belly button, rather than going back behind it.

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