Six Pack, Schmix Pack

Oh what we wouldn’t do for that coveted, glamorized six pack that our society drools over.  If only we didn’t have to limit ourselves to kale, celery, and quinoa, or keep our bodies moving at a high level of intensity 40% of our waking hours, darn it!

Mike Sorrentino, better known as ‘The Situation’ on Jersey  Shore the past several years, is known for his ripped abs.  He was working out all the time, in his twenties, and had very little body fat.  He had the time, and the motivation of money and fame, to do what he needed to do to look this way.  This is a look that  inspires some to try and work on reducing their belly size, however, these abs  are only the bling of working out and fitness.  It is the fluff, the stuff just for looks, as these are surface muscles that are seen.

Strengthening the ‘six pack’ superficial muscles doesn’t do much to help our deep core and spinal muscles, the ones that actually are accountable for our spinal stabilization, posture, and effective functionality in life.  These are what are important, for as we get older we need to work to maintain the structure of our frame, so  as not to get stooped, lopsided, misaligned, or develop a limp.

Let’s face it, 99.9% of us aren’t going to ever have anything resembling a six pack, but hey, that’s perfectly okay.  Unfortunately, many go about their ab reduction workouts in the wrong way, mainly doing crunches/sit-ups for their belly.  If a person wants to flatten their belly, they must lose weight.  To lose weight one must eat less and move more.  If you are overweight, start moving more, whether that is more standing, walking, dancing, pacing in front of the TV, playing with your pets, or nervously bouncing your leg at your desk.  Do not do sit ups for a flatter belly, they will only increase the size of the superficial belly muscles.

If you want to make a real investment into self, and spend less than 2 hours a week doing so, you will work on your internal infrastructure.  This strengthening of the deep core and spine muscles will help you to continue standing upright in alignment, the joints stacked on top of one another in a straight line.

Here is a little program I created for you to start you on your way to better spinal stabilization, body lengthening, and overall torso strength:

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