‘Before and After’



This is Tom when we started our twice a week sessions in late October 2012.  He is 5’11” and began the journey at 232 lb. We started off his fitness from supported positions to challenge his current level of fitness in a safe way, slowly waking up his neuromuscular system.  We focused on proper form and technique, working out with a planned purpose, rather than indulging machismo or bravado that lead to bench warming.



Slowly he got into less supported positions that challenged his balancing ability and made him recruit many muscles at one once.  Eventually over time he worked up to using more weight, doing more reps, and really increasing his stamina level.  He lost 34 lb. over 5 months, getting down to 198 lb.!  We are now working to keep his joints strong and avoid injuries as he plays competitive golf and water skis, building more lean muscle mass along the way.  Tom is a dedicated and committed student whom I have the pleasure of working with.  I thank him for the opportunity to accompany him on the journey.




July 2012






April 2013