Golf Instruction

A few years back, one of my insightful students said that I should use the slogan, “My  students are studs”.  He was right, my students are indeed studs.  I don’t coddle or patronize them, but rather expect them to reach down deep within themselves to find their best.  I know that they are capable of a lot more than may meet the eye.  They demand a lot of me and I demand a lot of them, as we collaborate to find a way to get the most out of their abilities.


Rather than following a formulaic or cookie-cutter approach, I adjust my teaching to optimize each individual’s unique talents and strengths.  We have a working relationship of back and forth dialogue, and my students are encouraged to ask questions.  When new concepts are presented, we work on them in different ways until they make sense to their mind and body, coming to a mutual understanding of the posture or move.  We find a way to apply dynamic concepts into the student’s unique swing.  Through our open line of communication and a flexible approach, they learn how to make the moves their own.

When you sign up for lessons you are signing up to take a journey into the proper understanding of the game.   We will be working together over time to build a foundation of correct fundamentals, from which to work on the mechanics in the swing.  As you start to see the interaction of the motions through trial and error, you will learn the difference between cause and affect in your golf swing.


I don’t just view myself as my student’s instructor though.  I feel that more than that, I am their coach and mentor.  It is my duty to help them along in their journey in the game, and to keep them motivated and positive, even when things get tough.  So not only do we work on the important physical part of the game, but we also focus on the ever-present psychological aspect.  Focus is put on mental acuity, positive and negative thought processes, and how these affect your performance on the driving range and golf course.



Visual – Use of photos, diagrams, demonstrations and comparisons with other swings.

Auditory- Explanations of moves and concepts, and why they are needed.

Feel – Tactile training aids, drills, assistance to get into positions, use of other sports moves for similar sensations.

I hope to have the opportunity to help to make your journey in golf more rewarding.  Through all my time and experience in the game, I narrow down and simplify the swing for you, finding key points for you to implement.  I will teach you how to spend your time more effectively, to actually get something productive out of your practice, rather than beating balls with frustration and anger on the driving range.  You will be taught to use your time wisely with constructive focus, because I know your time is precious and you don’t have 40 hours a week to spend hitting golf balls.

“I really enjoy working with Christy on my golf game, she has helped me a lot with my long swing and short game.  She is very patient with me and answers any questions that I have.  She doesn’t have drastic changes from lesson to lesson, but instead is very constant in her teaching, building upon what we’ve already done.  I would highly recommend her to all my friends.”
    – Janet Rochelle

Thank you very much for the exceptional golf instruction you provided me.  My overall game has improved significantly since my first lesson with you.  You taught me solid fundamentals from the stance and grip, weight distribution, hip rotation, etc.  You’re very knowledgeable of the game, professional and an effective communicator.  Most importantly,I appreciate your pleasant and patient style of instruction which made me feel both confident and at-ease with learning.  I strongly recommend to others who are either picking up the game of golf or like me who golfed incorrectly for many years, to take up instruction with you.  They will come to enjoy the game so much more like I am, thanks to you.
Lorenzo Garrido


Location:  Chula Vista Golf Course, 4475 Bonita Rd., Bonita, CA 91902
Prices:  1 Lesson $70,  5 Lessons $350, 10 Lessons $600  

Lessons are 1 hour – include bucket of balls, video, and use of training aids
Call (858) 254-6591  or E-mail: