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Home Workout without Equipment

I bring the workout to you!  That’s right, I have a traveling gym that I bring to your home at your convenience to save you time!

Personal fitness training can mean many different things to people as everyone’s idea of fitness differs in look, intensity, and effect.  Most people would agree that fitness training means working out, which is true, but is also much more.  Good fitness training should take into account the whole person and thus the whole of their days.

It is a matter of learning to live in a balanced, energizing, and life-sustaining way for the long haul. It is about re-educating ourselves on how our bodies should be moving throughout our lives, and to once again make moving a natural thing for us; just like when we were kids and couldn’t sit still for very long.

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Unfortunately, as many people go on in their adult lives of serious responsibilities, they lose the concept of motion as enjoyable.  They look at physical activity as a drag or a burden, and at best as something to do and get out of the way.  The majority of modern society is so inactive and sedentary that movement has become laborious and unnatural for them.  Because of this, we choose to move less and less, leading to a downward spiral of stiffness, immobility, and illness in our lives.

Fortunately, most of the abuse can be reversed or bettered through attention, commitment, and desire.  Our muscles have bundled and hardened, but they can differentiate and become more elastic once again.  You can reawaken your neuromuscular system, so that the muscles remember their proper duties and support us in the way we need them.

Let me help you to regain that lost functionality so you’re body no longer seems cumbersome.  Let’s put attention on the areas that need it, correcting muscular imbalances that lead to pain, limping, and restricted movement.  We will implement the correct exercises in a gradual progression to get your neurons firing correctly again without getting injured or discouraged along the way. In time, you can get back on the right track.

4-213880bf-1091081-800 We will work to stabilize the joints and muscles during the first 4 – 8 weeks, then go on to functional fitness for 4 -8 weeks, onto dynamic strengthening from there, and finally into reactive, compound exercising from an unsupported position, fully challenging and increasing the power and force of the whole body.

You cannot rush this process, for it is not a job or task to complete, but rather a lifestyle and way of living you are implementing.  I will create a program designed for your needs, one that will be kept fresh and interesting, and one that maximizes your time.  Your body will be challenged in new and exciting ways, as you come to have a new bodily awareness, increased abilities, and a fresh outlook on life.

If any of this sounds like what you are looking for, please give me a call and I will give you a free consultation, discussing your history and current needs. We’ll get you on a structured program that gives you more energy, balance, and joint stability in your daily life. I will be there to keep you on point and on task, making sure you’re working out at the correct level to create a strong, lean, and resilient body!

Christy Erb
Phone: (858) 254-6591
AFAA Certified Instructor #968-4
$65 hr or 10 Sessions for $550