My Fitness Story

It was during my time at UCLA that I began to see the importance of physical fitness. in-charger-shirt-in-utah-with-backpack-on From running on the track at 6:00 a.m., to spending time in the school’s athletic weight room with some great trainers, my awareness of fitness training was burgeoning.

It was also at this time that I was exposed to the culture of sports medicine. Due to the highly repetitious movements and jarring of certain joints, tendons, and ligaments in my extensive golf practice the 11 years preceeding college, I was on my way to needing rehabilitation of a couple injuries. Through all the treatment, healing, and recovery at UCLA’s Acosta Athletic Training Complex, I began to see the importance of prevention through strengthening and stretching.

Almost a decade later, after 8 years of professional golf, constant travel, constant practice, and all the stress put on the back and hips every day, I had some major imbalances in my body that I was left to deal with once I retired just shy of my 30th birthday.  rock-climbing My body wasn’t strong enough in the right places to endure the repeated unnatural positions in which certain muscles, tendons, and ligaments were placed.  Some muscles were overused and others were underused.

It has been through 11 years of committed workouts, working with other trainers, focusing on Pilates, yoga, proper form, and structural integrity, before I realized just how important certain type strengthening and lengthening are. It’s all about creating balance between the different muscles that are pulling and pushing against one another. Now when I see someone with their head sticking out and their shoulders bent forward, I’m pretty sure they have an overused, tight upper back, along with weak and loose lower traps and rhomboids (middle back area), and tight, shortened chest muscles.

We are all a product of our daily behaviors, activities, and environment. Most of the time, modern medicine will tell you that you have done so much damage to your knee or hip that you need a new one. I am not of that belief system, unless your hip or knee have been run over by an 18 wheeler. I believe that most all of our problems are functional or mechanical, as opposed to structural. That is to say, our muscles are pulling the bone out of its proper place, and the misalignment, impingement, rupture, or tear, can most often be fixed through non-surgical means.  redonewebsitepic1 If you are suffering from pain, and a doctor is telling you to have surgery, or to have a body part replaced, I urge you to first read the book Pain Free by Pete Egoscue, the renowned Posture Guy who saved Jack Nicklaus’s golf career.

It was four years ago that I earned my AFAA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification and started training clients at 24 Hour Fitness.  While there I also earned another PFT certification through 24 Hour Fitness’s certified program.  I now train independently, bringing the gym, and all necessary equipment, to you. I hope to have the chance to work with you, training you so as to to either fix imbalances you presently have, prevent future imbalances, help you get more toned, lose weight, get stronger, or just get in better shape.